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An amazing guide through the End Times maze

roseIt’s not often that I recommend a resource without reservation. This is one of those times.

The slick pamphlet, “Four Views of the End Times” by Rose Publishing, lays out the details of historic premillenialism, amillenialism, dispensational premillenialism, and post-millenialism in a simple and helpful way. Usually I’m not a big “charts” fan, but the diagrams they provide help the student grasp the convergences and divergences between these four schools of thought regarding the proper interpretation of the disputed “millenium” concept from Revelation 20.

Tomorrow, I’ll use the pamphlet for an adult Bible study. I’m grateful for the good work others have done, so I don’t have to chop through the eschatological forest by myself, but can follow a path hewn out by others.


Photo credit: Barnes and Noble