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Why Theology in Overalls?

When I attended Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kenneth Grider taught theology. He was fond of saying that “preaching is theology with its overalls on.”

Theology should never be so esoteric that it has no street value. Not just when preaching, but always, it should have its overalls on. It must connect with real people in everyday life, or else be irrelevant.

On this site, you will find a potpourri of things theological. I like writing book reviews, so you’ll find lots, both of older and newer books. As a missionary, I enjoy collecting wise sayings from the countries I visit, a modern day “book of proverbs.” Occasionally, an item in the news gets me thinking about current events in biblical perspective, so you may get the “overflow” of that inner conversation.

I hope you’ll respond in the comment threads with thoughts of your own. Let the dialogue begin!


I'm a health care chaplain.

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