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Randy Maddox recommends ‘Streams of Mercy’

Randy Maddox has recommended my monograph, Streams of Mercy: Prevenient Grace in the Theology of John and Charles Wesley (Emeth Press, 2010). Here’s what Maddox wrote in the on-line document, “Recent Dissertations in Wesley Studies, 2001-2008,” on the Duke Divinity School website:

Crofford provides the most thorough study to date of the roots of John Wesley’s understanding of prevenient grace in 16th-18th century Anglican, Puritan, and Dissenting theologians, with particular emphasis on Wesley’s indebtedness to Robert Barclay. To this Crofford adds the first detailed exposition of the theme of prevenient grace in the writings of Charles Wesley.  He concludes with a survey of how recent Wesleyan theologians have appropriated and applied the theme of prevenient grace.

To order the book from Amazon, click here.


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