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What will your contribution be?

Dan Ketchum gives an excellent summary of team leadership principles from John Maxwell. The key line? It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Of the five principles given, the one that grabbed my attention was the “law of the niche.” Like on a football team, each person has a position where he or she plays best.

When I was pastoring, “Susan” (not her real name) was one of our most committed church members. At the time, we had a Caravan program (like Scouting) that was effectively serving our community. Susan admitted that working with children wasn’t her strong point, but she was willing, so she accepted the “Guide’s” book and reported for duty. Three months later on a Sunday night before the service, she came to me with tears in her eyes. “Pastor,” she said,  laying the guide book down, “I just can’t do this anymore. I tried, but I can’t.”

What had happened? Susan was a player playing in the wrong position. Later, she got involved in the women’s ministry program and did an excellent job. She had found her “niche.”

In “The Emperor’s Club,” Mr. Hundert knew about how important it was for people to find their niche, the place where they could most effectively serve. He teaches ancient history in an all-boys school. He mocks an arrogant and violent conqueror who later becomes a virtual unknown. Then he asks the wide-eyed students this haunting question:

“What will your contribution be?”

It’s a big world, and God needs world Christians. The question is: What is your niche? What will your contribution be?


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