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This touches upon some of themes from my sermon, “Christian, Holiness, Missional: Core Values in the Church of the Nazarene.”

Here I Sit

Most of us are concerned about our children.  We hope and pray as they grow up that they will stick with the faith we tried to instill in them as they grew up.  Much of this “education” we leave to the Church, however, which isn’t always successful in making our hopes and prayers come true with our children.

I came across an essay by a guy named Marc Solas about this very point.  I don’t know much about him but he makes some good points that all of us in the Church should consider.  Let me quickly add that many of the points which he makes do not fully describe the church I currently attend, or have attended or pastored in the past, but all his points should give us something to consider as we seek to be the church God calls us to and further seek to preserve our…

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I'm a health care chaplain.

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