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Fresh wind, fresh fire

dieh_2Dr. Jim Diehl is preaching a wonderful sermon to open the Tuesday session of the General Assembly. Some highlights:

“Like Jim Cymbala wrote a few years ago, we still need fresh wind and fresh fire.”

“If you’re only giving 10% of your income to God, you haven’t graduated from elementary school.”

“In so many ways, we are unequal. But in one way, we are all equal: we only get one life.”

“God’s greatest gift that he gives to his children is peace.”

“Don’t tell me that sanctified people don’t cry.” – commenting on the death of his son, David, four years ago, due to melanoma

“Nazarenes, tend to the fire. Lord, send fresh fire on we Nazarenes.”

“Make your one walk across the stage count for Christ.”


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