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General Assembly 2013 wrap-up

logoGeneral Assembly is always a big family reunion, and I like family reunions!

Trying to move from point “A” to point “B” in the convention hall can be challenging, but it’s a good kind of problem. Seeing old friends, catching up on kids and grand kids, and finding out where long-lost colleagues in ministry are serving is always a joy.

Spiritually, GA was a time of refreshing. Whatever their other gifts, I’m glad that our general superintendents are all excellent preachers. Night after night, they led us close to the heart of God, following outstanding worship music.

It’s encouraging to see how the Lord guided us in the choice of two new general superintendents. Dr David Busic and Dr Gustavo Crocker will make tremendous contributions, with Crocker joining Dr Eugenio Duarte as only the second g.s. born outside North America. That’s an encouraging recognition of the global nature of our church!

Of course, there is always room for improvement. I’m not sure what the one message was that we were supposed to take away:

“Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations”

“Christian, Holiness, Missional”

“We’re better together.”

Secondly, it may seem like a small thing, but can the air conditioning please be turned down? Am I the only one who took home a terrible cold (sore throat) from sitting in the convention hall?

Finally, it was encouraging to see greater participation on the floor of the Assembly by our international delegates. With the approval by the Assembly to allow in the future for off-site locations for delegates to follow by satellite and vote, I’m hopeful that we’ll see some resolutions in 2016 originate from outside North America, along with an even greater participation in floor discussion by those delegates.

In short, GA 2013 was overwhelmingly a positive experience. Do we have a ways to go? Absolutely, but I’m glad to be part of a faith community that still believes in the optimism of grace as God’s solution for the needs of the sinful human heart.


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