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Check out the Annesley Writer’s Forum

annesley-web-logoYou’ll notice that I have relatively few links in my blog roll to Wesleyan-Holiness women theology bloggers. It’s not that I don’t want to link them, but there are relatively few out there.

That’s why I’m happy to add to my blog roll the Annesley Writers Forum. Sponsored by The Wesleyan Church, it’s an internet space whose mission is listed as “Expanding the Voices of Women in the Wesleyan Tradition.” Though it is not strictly a theology blog, their home page currently includes articles on Ash Wednesday, Lent, and living redemptively with people of modest means.

On the name Annesley: It was Susanna Wesley’s maiden name, Susanna being the mother of the famed John and Charles Wesley.  Susanna’s father, Samuel Annesley, was a prominent non-conformist pastor in late 17th century England. Maybe the Annesley Writer’s Forum should explain that somewhere on their site?

Here’s to long life and growing influence for the Annesley’s Writer’s Forum!


Image credit: Annesley Writer’s Forum


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